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Yellow Brick, LLC


*Every property is unique.  Call for a quote on your potential property.


All Inspections are preformed in accordance with the Standards of Practice.

Inspection Fee                                           $350 up to 2500 Sq Ft

                                                                         Sq Footage + $100 (over 2500)

       Potential Additional Fees

  1. BulletAdd for crawl space/basement                                                        

  2. BulletRadon Screening                                                                                       

  3. BulletAdd for homes over 50 years old                   

  4. BulletAdd for additional building                            

  5. BulletAdd for Pool or Spa                                      

  6. BulletAdd for Sprinkler  System                                         

  7. BulletAdd for Dock/Boat Lift

  8. BulletAdd for Septic Dye Test                                  


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$25 - $50







$50 (with full inspection)