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Bob Ozbirn is a Certified Master Inspector. He has been helping homebuyer make informed decisions since 2007. Bob has been married for more that 26 years and is pictured here with his three daughters.
Bob Ozbirn, CMI
Certified Master Inspector providing comprehensive home inspection service, radon and mold testing.  Serving Huntsville, Florence, Decatur, Madison, Muscle Shoals, Athens, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Killen, Russellville, Littleville, Leighton, Town Creek, Elgin, Rogersville, Saint Florian, Lauderdale County, Colbert County, Franklin County, Lawrence County, Limestone County, Madison County, Morgan County.
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  • Uncovering Major Cost Concerns and Safety Issues
  • Evaluating the Home’s Overall Condition
  • Identifying Needed Repairs and Sensible Improvements
  • Saving You Money – Seller Repairs Typically Exceed Our Fee
  • Giving You ConfidenceMake Informed Decisions About Your Investment
  • Radon & Mold Testing – Ensure You and Your Family are Breathing Healthy Air
  • Sewer Scopes – Reveal Hidden Future Headaches and Expense
  • Your information is Private – Unlike Some Inspector Franchises and Software Providers, Yellow Brick Will Never Sell or Use Providers Who Sell Your Information to Third Parties

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Home inspections are our only business. We are impartial and work only for you. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation so that you can understand and take care of your valuable investment. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection. 

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Our mission is to certify indoor air quality specialists who demonstrate proficiency in reducing indoor air pollution by improving overall indoor air quality, and providing the general public and real estate professionals with a reliable means of finding certified consultants who can address problems related to indoor air pollution.
What is Mold and Where Is It Found?
Mold are microscopic organisms that produce spores and are found virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Mold can be found on plants, foods, dry leaves, and other organic material. Also susceptible to mold growth are cellulose materials, such as, cardboard, paper, ceiling tiles, and sheet rock. Mold spores are easily detached and made airborne by vacuuming, walking on a carpet or sitting on a couch. In indoor environments, mold can grow in air conditioning ducts, carpets, pots of houseplants, etc.

How Can Mold Affect Your Health?
Exposure to mold is not healthy for anyone but the following individuals are at a higher risk for adverse health effects: infants, children, elderly, immune compromised patients, pregnant women, and individuals with existing respiratory conditions. When inhaled, even in small amounts, mold can cause a wide range of health problems including respiratory problems (wheezing), nasal and sinus congestion, watery and red eyes, nose and throat irritation, skin irritation, aches and pains, fevers, asthma, emphysema and in some cases even death.
Radon is a radioactive gas that has been found in homes all over the United States. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and gets into the air you breathe. Radon typically moves up through
the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks
and other holes in the foundation. Radon can also enter your
home through well water. Your home can trap radon inside.
Any home can have a radon problem. This means new and old homes, well- sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements. In fact, you and your family are most likely to get your greatest radiation exposure at home. That is where you spend most of your time.
Nearly one out of every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have an elevated radon level (4 pCi/L or more). Elevated levels of radon gas have been found in homes in your state. Contact your state radon office for information about radon in your area.
An active affiliate member of the Tennessee Valley MLS Association, Yellow Brick Inspection is trusted and ready to work with your realtor for a smooth transaction.
Affiliate Member
An active affiliate member of the Shoals Area Association of Realtors, Yellow Brick Inspection is trusted and ready to work with your realtor for a smooth transaction.
Affiliate Member
Alabama Home Inspector License Number HI 2020
Lic # HI2020

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